Hey Everypawdy!!!

Lil’ Daisy Rae is meeting some prospective pawrents tomorrow. My mom talked to them for a long time and of course sheDaisy Rae and kitty amigo sent them here to do more research. Thanks to Jim and Rene for compiling all those useful links for prospective and new tripawd pawrents into one post! Ya saved my mom hours of work!!!!! Not gonna say more, dont wanna jinx anything. Just. Keep. Yer. Pawz. Crossed. Harrrrrrrrd!

Driving Miss Daisy Rae

Man! I wish I had opposable thumbs. Then I wouldn’t have wait sooooo long for my mom to post for me. Miss Daisy Rae is in a grrrrrreat foster home! Last Sunday 4 dedicated GSRNC volunteers (my mom among them) did a relay for this little cutie from Salinas to Chico. She was already gettin’ around like she had been a tripawd furever. Mom sez Daisy Rae was full of kisses (oooooh, wish I had bin there) and just as saweeeeet as her name.  Wyatt buddy, you had this girl pegged from the start, didnja!

So, Miss Daisy Rae is hangin’ at her foster home, havin’ a great time with her foster sister (another young GSRNC girldawg, ohhhh man I wish I could drive!) and she gets her staples removed next Tuesday. Then we are thinkin’ she will be a.v.a.i.l.a.b.l.e! So pick a number, stand in line folks, for the sweetest ‘lil tripawd grrl on the planet! Here are some pix–on her way to Chico in the cone and then coneless (and much happier!) at her foster home. We’ll know more about Daisy Rae soon–she is closer to 8 months old than a year and has a little growing to do but she will be a little girl, at least compared to me! Her foster mom says Daisy Rae doesn’t know how to play with toys (but is learning fast), will be a good watchdog (must bark a little :), and follows her everywhere around the house. Start thinkin’ about it tripawd peeps!