Waaaaiiiiiitttttt! Whatchyoo mean she’s stayin’?!?!

Sooo, a few weeks back Maw ‘n Paw ‘n me went on a li’l day trip in the BigAss Gray Truck! We went to this nice lady’s house and there was this li’l shepherd girldawg with her. We hung out for a bit … aaaand before you could say “Tripawds Rule,” Paw put me back in the truck and then …. he put that girldawg in the truck with me. “WTF?,” I said. Maw said, “We’re fostering to adopt!” Whatever that means! And I said, “Not so sure about that!”

Now its been awhile and this girldawg has made herself at home. In MY home!! On MY couch!! I say again, “WTF????”

I was havin’ a grrrreat time being the ONLY dawg in da house! And dawg, can she be a PEST!! At first I thought maybe she was the spirit of Codie Rae come back from the Great Beyond to make my life hell again. But then I discovered if I snark hard enough at her she will throw herself to the ground belly up! WOOT! I am da MAN!! Take that CR!!!!!! Maybe this is a GOOD thing!!

So … she’s kinda growin’ on me. Sometimes I even want to play with her! But I gotta watch I don’t throw my back out ya know, I’m just not the young pup I used to be. She IS pretty cute, dontcha think? Especially when she’s asleep! Thank dawg she LOVES her crate!

She’s a funny li’l thang. Took her two weeks before she would chase a ball in the yard! Way to burn off some a that puppy energy grrrlfriend! Way better than pronking on my head!

So Maw and Paw sez she’s a keeper. I guess that’s OK with me, as long as she ‘members that I, the grrrreat Travis Ray, am the king of this here castle!   So … WELCOME to the Oaktown Pack RILEY RAE!!!!