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Hey Everypawdy!!

It is my 5 month ampuversary and it seems like a really good day to announce that I have become an official member of the Oaktown Pack! I pretty much knew this was my true furever home the moment I stepped in the door but it took my FP’s all this time (sheez!) to realize it. I thought they would never come around! I have worn myself out trying to convince them these past few months……being sweet and cute 24/7 is waaaay hard! And how about that obedience stuff? It took everything I had to be on top of my game and show them how fast I could catch on. I definitely got lucky ’cause its soooooo easy to look like a good boy next to Codie Rae! I gotta score that girl a big beefy bone for making me look so good!

Mom has me signed up for beginning obedience, not that I really need it, except for being around other dogs and she says it will help us “bond”, whatever that is. And she took me to order my very own Paco collar today! The folks at the Paco Collars store loved me! And then we went shopping at another pet store and just about everybody there wanted to meet me and pet me and find out how I lost my leg. I felt like Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp or some other cute boydog movie star! Best of all Papa has started feeding me his homemade food! Dawg! That stuff is goood!

Thank you everypawdy for being so kind and supportive during these last few months. What a great group of tripups and pawrents you are. And Greta, you gave me hope in my darkest hour! You are the sweetest little sister any tripawd could have. Romeo is soooo lucky and I sure hope I get to meet you someday!

I am one happy tripawd gsd boydog! I am home at last……and it feels so good.

Here are some pix from our last trip to the mountains in February. It snoooowed! Woohoo!

Codie Rae goes nutz in the snow!
Me 'n CR
Gotta snowball?
Doesn't get any better than this!
Ima catch that!
Mom needs a better camera for those intense action shots
I'm almost as fast as Codie Rae now!
My footprints!
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