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They Called Him Mr. Exuberance!

I can’t believe its already been two years since we helped you gain your wings Smokey B. I remember: your decline was slow over the years but you went down so quickly at the end. I remember: our last two walks together. Your hind legs collapsing as we headed down the stairs. Your slow, stiff walk. You stopped more than once and stared into space, until I encouraged you to move on. But then we met a woman, coming toward us. You veered unsteadily, straight at her, cut her off, greeted her with tail wagging. You were so far gone, but you never stopped loving meeting new friends. I remember: when the vet came to help you leave the body that no longer served you. You greeted her too, like a long lost friend. You perked up so much I questioned my decision. These last memories make me so sad, they make me cry. My heart breaks again thinking of you, so diminished. But I am also grateful, for those last hard days, and for all the better days we had before we parted ways forever. I am a better person for sharing my life with you.

You were Mr. Exuberance. I remember: you were returned to the shelter because you had “too much energy”. You loved everyone you met and they loved you back. You never stopped jumping on people, or trying to stick your tongue in their ear, but no matter what you did they loved you. I remember: walking to work one morning and how determined you were to meet this one guy, a total stranger, pulling me toward him as if he was a magnet. I remember: watching you run through the fields. It was, cliche as it sounds, like watching poetry in motion. You moved so beautifully I was convinced you were part exotic hound. Pharaoh? Sloughi? You galloped, bounded, pronked, and leapt your way through life. That was your lesson for me: greet life each day with exuberance, joy, and an open heart, and you will receive it back tenfold! Thank you for the lesson my sweet boy. I needed it and I am still learning how to live it. You are always in my heart Mr. B.


2 Replies to “They Called Him Mr. Exuberance!”

  1. Smokey, I sure miss your wild licks and face washings. But wait, I thought they called you Mr. Recreation Director? 🙂

    We miss you sweet quadpawd. You were the life of the pawty. You were THE pawty! You always knew how to have a good time under any circumstances, and when things got too crazy with the OP you shut down the madness with your iron paw and got everyone to chill and be good. Dang, the world needs more RDs like you.

    I know somewhere you are with our Wild Boy Wyatt and Austin, chasing deer and annoying Codie as she barks her orders at you to get a hold of yourselves. I sure miss those days my furiend. Some day, the OP and all your human homies will howl together once more.

    Keep on keeping on SB. You are loved.

  2. Awwww Rene, thanks for your sweet words. I guess from now on Smokey can be our Mr. EXUBERANT Recreation Director because that he surely was 🙂 Remember when he led the whole pack in chasing that deer at Jerry’s Acres? He sure did enjoy getting all those crazy tripawds into trouble!

    xoxo, Martha and the OP

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