Hoppy New Year Everypawdy!

Hey Everypawdy!

Me and my FGM

Hoppy New Year to all my tripawd friends! Hey, I am still around and looking for my furever home–don’t forget about me OK? I have been having lots of fun with my foster family but I sure would like a furever home soon! It has been so long since my FM (foster mom, thanks Gerry!) has posted anything for me……lots have things have happened since then.

I have gotten really good at basic training and I am learning how to walk on a gentle leader harness.  And everybody still thinks I am really sweet.  I went to my FGM* and FGD’s house for Christmas.  My FGM kept asking my FM  how many dogs are you bringing for Christmas? They just took me and I was sooooo good! I just settled down and hung out with FGM for awhile–she reaaalllly likes me—much better than Codie Rae or Smokey, they jump on her and bruise her delicate skin! Then I went for a walk with FM and FGD and met some kitties! That was very interesting. One just sat there so I did too! Then I lay down to watch it. The other one was stalking us and I woofed and jumped at it a little. But then my FM made me sit and watch it for awhile and I settled down.  I think I would like a kitty with the proper introduction….why not? I like everybody else!

I just learned how to go up and down really steep stairs!

I hope everybody has had a great New Year’s Day! We went to the SNOW!! My second time….I LOVE the SNOW!!!!

*FGM = foster grandma, FGD = foster grand dad (Thanks again Gerry!!)