Hoppy New Year Everypawdy!

Hey Everypawdy!

Me and my FGM

Hoppy New Year to all my tripawd friends! Hey, I am still around and looking for my furever home–don’t forget about me OK? I have been having lots of fun with my foster family but I sure would like a furever home soon! It has been so long since my FM (foster mom, thanks Gerry!) has posted anything for me……lots have things have happened since then.

I have gotten really good at basic training and I am learning how to walk on a gentle leader harness.  And everybody still thinks I am really sweet.  I went to my FGM* and FGD’s house for Christmas.  My FGM kept asking my FM  how many dogs are you bringing for Christmas? They just took me and I was sooooo good! I just settled down and hung out with FGM for awhile–she reaaalllly likes me—much better than Codie Rae or Smokey, they jump on her and bruise her delicate skin! Then I went for a walk with FM and FGD and met some kitties! That was very interesting. One just sat there so I did too! Then I lay down to watch it. The other one was stalking us and I woofed and jumped at it a little. But then my FM made me sit and watch it for awhile and I settled down.  I think I would like a kitty with the proper introduction….why not? I like everybody else!

I just learned how to go up and down really steep stairs!

I hope everybody has had a great New Year’s Day! We went to the SNOW!! My second time….I LOVE the SNOW!!!!

*FGM = foster grandma, FGD = foster grand dad (Thanks again Gerry!!)

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  1. Oh Travis Ray! You sound like such a sweetheart… If we could… we would take you in our home in Florida… but we have our hands filled lately with this psycho little kitten that Wolfie just got. Her name (finally) is Xena… cause she’s a little warrior princess.

    You are so adorable… I can’t believe that noone has scooped you up yet!!!! Hang in there sweetie… you will find your forever home soon!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  2. Yesh! You are a sweetheart indeed. Whoever gives you that furever home, will be very lucky. I wish it could be us.

  3. Travis Ray, I know it is taking a long time to find your forever home, but I’ll bet it is because there is someone very special that is supposed to have you and it probably just isn’t the right time yet for them. I’ll bet they find you soon, though. Opie

  4. Hi Travis. Our family has been following your blog almost daily. We have a forever home that would welcome you with open arms and a lot of love. We are in Yountville California. It is a very dog friendly town and I think you will make lots of friends. There is also a great dog park called Alston Park which is alot of fun. Will you be at the Danville meet and greet on the 16th? We would love to meet you!

  5. Dear Travis Ray: My human sister has a crush on you. She talks about you all the time (shhhh don’t tell Codie Rae) She thinks you are so cute and always asks my mom if we can adopt you. Well we live clear across the country in Connecticut in a pretty small apartment so my mom has had to break it to her that sadly it’s not really a possibilty for us……but we just want you to know we are rooting for you! You seem like you are doing so well and such a good student of Codie Rae and Smokey’s. We think your
    FG is right to spoil you. My moms had to wait a long time before they could adopt a dog, but you know good things come to those who wait! We know you will find your furever home soon with the Oaktown Pack watchin out for you.
    Hoppy New Year! Love, Romeo

  6. Aaaawww! My FM says your human sister is really cute and sweet! I sure wish I could meet her! And you too Romeo!

    Give your sis a big sloppy kiss for me, OK?
    Travis Ray

  7. What a wonderful Christmas Travis Ray! We are still hoping for you to get your furever home! You deserve the very best, atleast you have a wonderful foster home while you pass the time! You are a wonderful boy and someone very special is going to come along and snatch you up!

    Good Luck!


    (Peyton’s brother)

  8. Hey Travis Ray! I have been reading your blog (well, acutally, my Mom reads it to me!) and I think we could be great friends. I am a Black and Tan German Shephard mix and I know a thing or two about having leg issues. I had a TPLO a couple of years ago but now I am just fine! We would love to meet you and see if you would like to live with us! We would be great buds!! We live in Palo Alto. Is that too far? How can we meet you?


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