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Four Months!

Hey Everypawdy!

Its my 4 month ampuversary today! I got to go to Mill Valley and hang out with my Tripawd friends! It was so great to see Shelby and Maggie and 4 legged Tani. Bob (Cherry’s dad) was there and we ran into Cemil on our way back to the truck. We had to leave early but it was a beautiful day and there was lots of mud and it was pawesome!

I am finally starting to really get the hang of this Tripawd thang. I am feeling stronger every day and just discovered tennis balls! Woohoo! What a great invention!

Travis Ray

ps I am still looking…….for that furever home. There has been some interest but when it comes down to it no one has been able to deal with the fact that I am a tripawd :(. If I had 4 legs they would be fighting over me, oh YES they would. I am beautiful, I am sweet, I am funny, I am smart, I learn fast, and I want to please, what more could anyone want in a young GSD boydog?

pss Photo is from December. Yesh! Snowballs in Oakland!! It was pawesome!!!

16 Replies to “Four Months!”

  1. Snow in Oakland??? Did I hear you right????

    What happened to the people from January who said they might like to adopt you. Did that work out? And is it true you can only go to a home in California – not to a home out of state or (horrors) out of the U.S.A.?

    Your bud, Tazzie

  2. Hoppy 4 month ampuversary! That’s pawesome for sure! That must have been so cool to meet your tripawd buddies in person. I bet you’ll find that furever home very soon – just you wait and see!

  3. WOOOOOHOOOOO!!! You look GREAT, Travis Ray! Man, if I wasn’t already taken, I’d steal you up in a heartbeat and you would be mine furever! I am glad that you had so much fun at the tripawd party, you little ball of cuteness! Harpy Ampuversary 🙂

    <3 Laura and Jackadoodle

  4. Hppy 4 month ampuversary Travis Ray!! I hope that you find a forever home soon!! But then again… maybe you already have and your foster pawrents don’t realize it yet! 🙂

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  5. TR, you are such a pawesome dog. My Mom is still trying to find a money tree so they can adopt you and you can show Wyatt some manners! Until then, we’ll spread the word that you are a PAWESOME pup so deserving of a great home. Hang in there my man.

  6. Travis Ray–Happy ampuversary!! So glad we got to see you for a minute yesterday and too bad we didn’t know so we could congratulate you in person. Hope the rest of your celebration was really really good!


  7. What is wrong with people Travis Ray? You are more special because you are a Tripawd! People can be so lame at times!

    Happy Ampuversary, sounds like you had a great time with the other tripawds!!

    We are still crossing our fingers for your furever home!


  8. Congratulations! Maybe we can meet you next month, as Major was having his staples removed during this month’s pawty. If you can get that paper fetish under your paw we might know of an interested family.

    Rachel, Major, Dusty, and Balou

  9. I am so over paper. And cloth and zippers too :). I have been so good that I got to sleep in a dog bed in the bedroom last night instead of in my bare crate in the living room! Boy Howdy was that ever great! And I did not touch a thing. No I didn’t!

    So where does this ‘interested family’ live? If they are really interested then they will need to go to GSRNC’s website and start the process by filling out an adoption questionnaire. Tell them to check it out!

    Travis Ray

  10. Thanks everypawdy! I was feeling kinda blue and like no one is ever going to want me. But you guys are right. Tripawds are Pawesome and if people can’t see me for the great dawg I am then they are just not the people for me!

    The right home will come along for me, I just have to keep working on my patience……


  11. You are so destined to belong to someone very special. That’s why it is taking so long. You are handsome and resilient and funny. What more could a pawrent want?

  12. Dear Travis Ray: Romeo hopes you get a home soon. I think alot people will want to adopt you because you are so cute and sweet. Hi I’m Romeo’s sister Greta. I think you are one of the best dogs on Tripawds. Hoppy Ampuversary.
    Love, Romeo and Greta
    (Greta wrote this all by herself, Eve typed)

  13. The “possibly interested family” is ours and we live in Hayward. I have a very oldg who probably doesn’t have too much longer on this side of the Bridge. If you can hold on for just a little while longer and can tolerate having a blind, goofy quad sister and a front leg amputee Tripawd brother we would be very interested in meeting one of these days. If I can get the day off of work we are going to go to the next NorCal Pawty.

  14. Did Caruso (Travis Ray) get adopted this weekend? We’ve been watching him on GSRNC and noticed he was removed over the weekend. We hope he found a forever home!

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