Hey Everypawdy!!

It is my 5 month ampuversary and it seems like a really good day to announce that I have become an official member of the Oaktown Pack! I pretty much knew this was my true furever home the moment I stepped in the door but it took my FP’s all this time (sheez!) to realize it. I thought they would never come around! I have worn myself out trying to convince them these past few months……being sweet and cute 24/7 is waaaay hard! And how about that obedience stuff? It took everything I had to be on top of my game and show them how fast I could catch on. I definitely got lucky ’cause its soooooo easy to look like a good boy next to Codie Rae! I gotta score that girl a big beefy bone for making me look so good!

Mom has me signed up for beginning obedience, not that I really need it, except for being around other dogs and she says it will help us “bond”, whatever that is. And she took me to order my very own Paco collar today! The folks at the Paco Collars store loved me! And then we went shopping at another pet store and just about everybody there wanted to meet me and pet me and find out how I lost my leg. I felt like Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp or some other cute boydog movie star! Best of all Papa has started feeding me his homemade food! Dawg! That stuff is goood!

Thank you everypawdy for being so kind and supportive during these last few months. What a great group of tripups and pawrents you are. And Greta, you gave me hope in my darkest hour! You are the sweetest little sister any tripawd could have. Romeo is soooo lucky and I sure hope I get to meet you someday!

I am one happy tripawd gsd boydog! I am home at last……and it feels so good.

Here are some pix from our last trip to the mountains in February. It snoooowed! Woohoo!

Codie Rae goes nutz in the snow!
Me 'n CR
Gotta snowball?
Doesn't get any better than this!
Ima catch that!
Mom needs a better camera for those intense action shots
I'm almost as fast as Codie Rae now!
My footprints!

17 thoughts on “I.Am.Home.”

  1. Congratulations! We were late for the pawty today so we didn’t get to meet ANYBODY! I’m so glad you convinced you fosters to be your furever family. I hope to still get the oportunity to meet one of these days. We Tri’s need to stick together.

    Rachel, Major, Dusty, and Balou
    (The Hayward Crew)

  2. Travis Ray, congratulations! We knew how great you were when we met you in January at Mill Valley. We had a feeling maybe you were already home even then! Congrats, TR, we couldn’t be happier for you!!

  3. Yay T.R. You have a furever home.

    Happy to hear that, although I admit to kind of wishing you’d come to Canada. But maybe we’ll meet someday (heck, I’m stopping at SFO on Monday – think your pawrents will take you to the airport that afternoon to sniff some suitcases?)

  4. Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp have nothing on you, TR. I showed your pics to Catie and she thinks you’re one handsome dude.

  5. And I meant to say, but got distracted by Catie licking the screen – happy ampuversary!

  6. WOOT! Yea Travis Ray!! Congrats on convincing your peoples to keep you furever! I thinks you and CR are great together and I’m glads you found your place. Good lucks at class at the end of the month! Ifn you look kinda shy they gives you extra treats.

    Lots of luvs, Rosie

  7. Tazzie, if mom didn’t have to work (dad figured out it costs 300/month to feed all of us :0 ) she would bring me to SFO in a heart beat to meet you! When I am wearing my RuffWear harness everypawdy thinks I am an assistance dawg so I am sure I could sneak in!
    Major, sooooo sorry we didn’t get to meet you yesterday. Hope we can get together soon! East Bay Tripawds Rule!
    Rosie, if I look like Brad Pitt and act shy do you think they will give me extra, extra treats?


  8. T.R., congratulations on your furever home!!!

    Sometimes it just takes humans some time to realize what we already knew. We all knew you were home months ago, silly humans.

    Beginning obedience class is alot of fun and some hard work, but I know your gonna do really well. I was very proud when the chauffeur and I graduated from our first obedience class. We, us dogs, learn very quickly, they, the humans, usually take 6 to 8 weeks to catch up with us. Be patient and do what they “ask” because they reward you with treats! lots of treats!

    See you at the next pawty!!! and congratulations, it is so wonderful to finally have a furever home.

    Shelby, the P.P.

  9. T.R – you’ll always be a movie star in my eyes!
    Pawrents can be so indecisive but you held strong, my friend. Way to play it, buddy!

  10. Happy Ampuversary, TR! AND congratulations on your peeps finally figuring out what we tripawds already knew about your home!

    OK – treat advice (and I know my treats!)… looking like Brad Pitt will definitely help, especially if your teacher is a girl-peep. And acting shy is a big time winner. Turn on all of your charm, and keep your ears and tail at full mast – peeps love that! Of course, you look like your ears are always at full mast – mine take some work to get maximum treatage. You’re sure to get tons and tons of treats, Travis Ray!
    Holly Jolly

  11. Hooray for Travis Ray! 🙂

    So glad those “foster” folks finally came to their senses. And we are hoppy to see you now have your very own Tripawds user account too!

    PS: Have you made that many friends already, or are you still displaying Codie Rae’s list? 😉

  12. YIPPEEAYEAAY Travis Ray! We have been awol for a little while, so imagine our joy when we opened up Tripawds and there you were with the big news! My mom started crying “happy tears” (as Greta calls them), but then also a little sad because what if the new pawrents didn’t keep us updated at Tripawds! And then happy tears again as we realized your new family is the Oaktown Pack! We had faith in them all along Travis Ray—how could they let you go?
    Greta is out and about (without me, sigh), but I will give her your big news as soon as she walks in the door!
    She is going to be so happy for you (and a little jealous of Codie Rae your official big sister!). We just knew you would live happily ever after Travis Ray because you are a true prince.
    Congrats to the whole family!
    Love, Romeo and family
    p.s. When I took obedience many years ago the teacher had cheese cubes! YUM! I am crazy about cheddar cheese, it is almost as good as a big burger!

  13. of course TR has made that many friends. He is not nearly as bossy as that Codie Rae, is he?

    We LUV you Travis Ray.

  14. Dear Travis Ray: This is Greta! My dearest Travis Ray, congratulations on your 5 month ampuversary and you finally found your home! I am so glad you got your home.
    And I’m glad your people type on Tripawds!I am so glad we are back on Tripawds! I think you are so adorable!
    Hoppy Ampuversary!
    I am glad I gave you hope.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    What’s up Buddy? I like your little fuzz ears. Me and Romeo
    we went to the barn. We take care of the police horses.
    Romeo likes to eat horse poop! I bet if you went to the barn you will probably eat horse poop too!
    I hope you are very proud of yourself.
    Love, Greta

  15. Congrats Travis Ray!!! What is with FP’s being so stubborn anyway? Whatever. Their willpower is no match for smart boys like us. Rock on, TR, and have fun at your training class. I just started mine today and it was pretty pawesome.

  16. Oooooh, wellll, congratulations MISTER PEFECT!

    Seriously, you are a pretty pawesome dog who really deserves two pawesome pawrents like M&R. But I’m sooo jealous you get to play with my homie Smokey B! I miss you guys. Come back to Colorado OK?

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