Team Tripawds Pawty at the Morris K9 Walk

Hey Everypawdy!

Team Tripawds had a great time at the Morris Walk yesterday! The weather was perfect, there was lots of goose poop (yum!), and we got to see old friends and make new ones! Bob and Emily and Spirit Cherry were there, Spirit Wrigley’s mom and siblings were there, Monty Montana (shepherd girls rule, yes they do!) was there with her pawrents, the pawtite princess (sigh!) was there, and Cemil and Maggie and sister Tani were there too! We walked in memory, and in honor of all of our Tripawd heroes, those who have gone on and those who are still fighting the good fight.

Hoppy 15 months Cemil! It was so good to see you!
the Pawtite Princess
Tripawd wanna-be Smokey B.
Luv ya Mom!
Got a little warm but Shelby brought us lots of water
Hangin' in the shade
My biggest buddy!
Look at my spotted tongue
Maggie, Tani, and their new BFF Simon
The pug grrrlz
Me 'n my best bro
Smokey was whupped when we got home
Me too!

6 thoughts on “Team Tripawds Pawty at the Morris K9 Walk”

  1. Travis Ray and Gang- You host the bestest pawrties! Plus, you get the bestest guests! All the A-listers showed up! Looked like tons of fun!

  2. Looks like a blast! Thanks for sharing the pics. I love to see all the tongues a’hangin – that shows that a good time was had by all!

  3. Look at all you guys and gals!!

    Goose poop – that’s special 🙂

    Great pictures – thanks for the smiles!

  4. Dude, what FUN! Thank you for being there. I can’t believe your bro was there too. Poor Codie, I wish she couldda made it. Silly girl, she needs to learn to chill so she can do cool stuff like you guys.

    And one question…where’s your prong collar? bark collar? gentle leader? spray bottle?

    What’s up with that, mister PERFECT?????!

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