Take a Chance on Me!

Hey Pawdners!

I have my own blog! YeeHaw! So, yup, its true, I am looking for a furever home and the sooner I get one the better! I am liking it here an awful lot at my foster home but don’t want to get too settled, ya know what I mean? So why don’t you think about giving me a chance? I can guarantee you woCaruso_5n’t regret it!

Since I can speak for myself now I can give you better idea of what I am all about! Like I said, I am settling in here at my foster home and relaxing into the good life! I am letting my true personality show, a little at a time (don’t want to scare anybody :o). I am trying so hard to be a good boy, and most of the time I am,  but heck, I am a teenager and sometimes I just cant keep it under control. I have this obsession with paper, YUM!  My foster pawrents are learning that when I am quiet I am usually sleeping, but every once in awhile….when I am really quiet….I might be off looking for another tasty paper treat! That is really the worst thing I have done so that isn’t so bad is it?

I am working hard at understanding what my foster pawrents want of me. I am getting the sit thing pretty good and am working really hard at the down thing. I am learning to wait at the door and that when they say ‘watch me’ I have to look into their eyes and then I get to go out. I do love treats and they seem to come each time I get something right so I am going to keep trying to learn all this new stuff as fast as I can! Nobody ever asked me to do anything before so I am starting from square one here.

I just love riding in the truck. I will ride in a crate in the back but I really love to ride up front in the cab with my foster dad. I just settle right in and sleep! He takes me out for a walk every day and I can go for up to half a mile now! Then I get tired and we go home.  Codie Rae and Smokey let me play with them sometimes but I don’t really know how to get them to play. Codie Rae is such an Alpha Doggy she puts me right in my place when I get too fresh. I am learning though! I think they are really starting to like me!

Yesterday we had SO much fun! We went to something called a “Tripawd Pawty”! I got to meet really big tripawds (Cemil) and little tiny tripawds (Maggie) and a beautiful blonde tripawd named Shelby (sigh). And superathlete tripawd Caira Sue! Everybody was so nice and their people were so nice. I got along with everybody and they all liked me! They said I was sweet! Here’s just a couple of pictures from the pawty. You can see more over at Caira Sue’s blog. And you can get some more information about how to make me a part of your family and see more pictures of me over on Codie Rae’s blog!

I love blondes!
I love blondes!
Look at her beautiful tail
Look at her beautiful tail
Me and Maggie just chillin'
Me and Maggie just chillin'
Showing off my cool Tripards.com scarf
Showing off my cool Tripawds.com scarf

11 thoughts on “Take a Chance on Me!”

  1. Hey Codie Rae – I know it’s really you 😉 – congratulations on setting up Travis Ray’s very own blog! We hope it helps find him a furever home, and are glad we now have a place to follow his adventures.

  2. Travis-you have to stop sighing with that lustful look in your eyes everytime you see Shelby! She already knows she’s a princess! Was it you who collected all those tennis balls as a gift to her?

  3. Man- what a good lookin’ boy!! I hope you find your forever home soon!! Shy gives you a big ole’ lick… She thinks you are pretty cute too!! 🙂

  4. We hope you have good luck in finding your furever home, too. You are such a handsome guy and it sounds like you are really doing well with your training. Some lucky family will be delighted to be your pawrents. Hopefully, this will happen really soon for you.

    Blazer, Kitty Kimber & Vicki

  5. Where do you currently live? I mean in which state? My mom is looking to adopt a dog, so I could ask her! I live in kansas city.
    You are a beautiful dog and deserve the best of homes, which I am sure you will find either with us or someone else. My dog buddy just had his surgery last tuesday and other than today all has been great, today though his balance is off and has fallen a few times which leaves me really concerned.

  6. Hey Oaktown pack…just checking in….what happened with Travis Ray’s forever home? I thought he was all lined up to go with a lady with a big yard who wanted to train him to be a therapy dog? Of course, I’m sure he is VERY happy with you guys! We could tell he just loved Ralph. He watched his every move!
    Hope you guys had a great Christmas. Happy New year!

  7. Oooops,

    Sorry! meant to reply to you a looong time ago…..I live in Oakland CA and my rescue groups does not adopt to people out of the state. But thatnks so much for asking! Hey! How is buddy doing????

    Travis Ray

  8. Hi Travis. Our family has been following your blog almost daily. We have a forever home that would welcome you with open arms and a lot of love. We are in Yountville California. It is a very dog friendly town and I think you will make lots of friends. There is also a great dog park called Alston Park which is alot of fun. Will you be at the Danville meet and greet on the 16th? We would love to meet you!

  9. Hi There,

    I think I love this dog!! I have been looking at his profile since Nov. If he has not found his forever home by April I would love to have him live with us. We are relocating to the Ukiah area and he would be a perfect addition to our family. No matter what happens he is obviously quite a catch and
    I wish him luck. He deserves it!

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