Sno Daze

Yo Everypawdy!

Its been a long time! Yup, I’m still here and lovin’ all  my tripawd friends! I have missed all of you! Just wanted to share some snow fun with you for now. Mom promises me she is gonna post a year in review for me soon, I gotta lot of stuff saved up!

Yo! In the Sno!
Caught it!
Crazy dawgs
Yup, she's a real beauty!
Codie Rae clicks her heels
Smokey B. smokin' it
Hoppy New Year Everypawdy!

Ain’t nothin better than sno on your nose!

Peace, love, and hoppiness to all of you tripawds out there!

Travis Ray

4 thoughts on “Sno Daze”

  1. Oh my, Trav. Sure looks like you and the pack are natural snow dogs!! Have you tried sleddin yets?? Is very fun. Post more often, m’kay?? I likes to keep up with all the other foster kids like me that found great homes. And we can never have too many pics of athletic boydogs if ya know what I means (I likes ’em fuzzy)

    Hurricane Rosie

  2. DUDE! I am so jealous! My pawrents were LAME and didn’t come up this year. Waaaaaaaah!~

    Your scary face scares me, Mr. Goody Three Paws. Maybe you’re not such a wussy after all?

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