Yo! We got one too many tripawds in da house!

Hey Everypawdy!

Meet Mr. +1 himself, the one, the only Austin Ray! We are fostering this great dude until the perfect forever home shows up. Could it be YOU???? Pleeeeeze say yes! It is kinda cool to be the only house on the planet with three resident tripawd GSDs and we love him, but our house and yard just aren’t big enough! Plus Codie Rae is wearing herself out trying to regulate us all. To learn all about Austin click on his name or photo. Feel free to PM my mom as well!

7 thoughts on “Yo! We got one too many tripawds in da house!”

  1. Duuuuuude…my Mom and Dad say as soon as they win the lotto we’re gonna be bruddas. After all, we gotta be related right? I mean we’re both ladykillers!

    So tell your foster peeps to hang in there, when our number gets picked you’re part of our pack, got it?

    And then all hell’s gonna bust loose!!!!

  2. Austin,
    You are Quite the looker. My pack currently consists of 4 male( 5 yr. old) American Bulldogs and Daphne (the mamma) whom was Bruno’s lady. Thankfully she’s the only one who resides indoors, but the pack has one alpha too many at the moment. I wish I could take you on, but I will keep my fingers crossed that your forever owners and home find you soon. Best wishes.
    Maricela and Spirit Bruno

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