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Travis Ray Reporting In!

Yo Everypawdy!

Today was the BIG DAY and it was MOST pawesome! NorCal Tripawds RULE! Oh YESH they DO! For all youse that didn’t show up…’s the low down………

Mom counted 12 tripawds!!!! Its an all time record (we think…). Lylee, Shelby, Me ‘n Austin, Ellie, Ruby, and Cemil. And THEN 5, count ’em 5 dawgs showed up cause the event made the paper a couple weeks ago! Thanks to Rene and Jim for sending out the PR! Mom din’t get most of their names ‘cept for Sadie and Rosie. Bernie and Linda and their pawrents, John and Diane came all the way from San Diego! And Karen brought Tani and Obie–whoa are they pugalicious! And Spirit Cherry’s folks showed up too! Mom din’t bring her camera but she din’t need to ’cause there were photographers everywhere (stay toooned—this was the best documented tripawd event EVER!) And the PRESS showed up, whatever that is. There will be an article tomorrow in the Marin Independent Journal, whatever that is. And my most awesome pawesome Carla was there with the GOODS! Dawg a mighty! There was BACON CAKE!!!!!! And it had Jerry on it!!!! And pupperoni pizzas and ‘lil mints for our sore tummies after eatin’ all a that!  And cute ‘lil doggie bags for everyone to take home. Look what was in ’em!








Sooooooo goooood. We are all in a foodie coma ’round here right ’bout now.  I know everypawdy will be postin’ some pix from the day soon! You’ll get to see the cake and all the beautiful pups and peeps! My mom sez to say it was SO grrrrrreat seein’ so many tripawds in one place and all their fabulous pawrents–such good peeples! Woohoo! We LOVE YOU ALL!


Travis Ray


Gotta New BFF!

Her name is Carla and she makes the best dawg treats on the planet. She loves me an’ my big ears an’ my big brown eyes. I love her ’cause she loves me and did I say? She sent me an’ the Oaktown Pack+1 a whole box of Christmas treats all for ourselves! Dang they were P.A.W.E.T.A.S.T.I.C!!!!!! Oaktown Pack endorsed mos’def!! Word! If ya show up to the April NorCal Tripawds Pawty you will get to sink your teeth into something deeeevine!!!

Thanks Carla!!!!! We looooove U!

Travis Ray


Yo! We got one too many tripawds in da house!

Hey Everypawdy!

Meet Mr. +1 himself, the one, the only Austin Ray! We are fostering this great dude until the perfect forever home shows up. Could it be YOU???? Pleeeeeze say yes! It is kinda cool to be the only house on the planet with three resident tripawd GSDs and we love him, but our house and yard just aren’t big enough! Plus Codie Rae is wearing herself out trying to regulate us all. To learn all about Austin click on his name or photo. Feel free to PM my mom as well!

Sno Daze

Yo Everypawdy!

Its been a long time! Yup, I’m still here and lovin’ all  my tripawd friends! I have missed all of you! Just wanted to share some snow fun with you for now. Mom promises me she is gonna post a year in review for me soon, I gotta lot of stuff saved up!

Yo! In the Sno!
Caught it!
Crazy dawgs
Yup, she's a real beauty!
Codie Rae clicks her heels
Smokey B. smokin' it
Hoppy New Year Everypawdy!

Ain’t nothin better than sno on your nose!

Peace, love, and hoppiness to all of you tripawds out there!

Travis Ray


Hey Everypawdy!!!

Lil’ Daisy Rae is meeting some prospective pawrents tomorrow. My mom talked to them for a long time and of course sheDaisy Rae and kitty amigo sent them here to do more research. Thanks to Jim and Rene for compiling all those useful links for prospective and new tripawd pawrents into one post! Ya saved my mom hours of work!!!!! Not gonna say more, dont wanna jinx anything. Just. Keep. Yer. Pawz. Crossed. Harrrrrrrrd!

Driving Miss Daisy Rae

Man! I wish I had opposable thumbs. Then I wouldn’t have wait sooooo long for my mom to post for me. Miss Daisy Rae is in a grrrrrreat foster home! Last Sunday 4 dedicated GSRNC volunteers (my mom among them) did a relay for this little cutie from Salinas to Chico. She was already gettin’ around like she had been a tripawd furever. Mom sez Daisy Rae was full of kisses (oooooh, wish I had bin there) and just as saweeeeet as her name.  Wyatt buddy, you had this girl pegged from the start, didnja!

So, Miss Daisy Rae is hangin’ at her foster home, havin’ a great time with her foster sister (another young GSRNC girldawg, ohhhh man I wish I could drive!) and she gets her staples removed next Tuesday. Then we are thinkin’ she will be a.v.a.i.l.a.b.l.e! So pick a number, stand in line folks, for the sweetest ‘lil tripawd grrl on the planet! Here are some pix–on her way to Chico in the cone and then coneless (and much happier!) at her foster home. We’ll know more about Daisy Rae soon–she is closer to 8 months old than a year and has a little growing to do but she will be a little girl, at least compared to me! Her foster mom says Daisy Rae doesn’t know how to play with toys (but is learning fast), will be a good watchdog (must bark a little :), and follows her everywhere around the house. Start thinkin’ about it tripawd peeps!

Yo! Damsel in distress!

Our favorite GSD rescue GSRNC (Codie Rae, Wyatt Ray Dawg, and me all owe our lives to this great group) wants to bring this sweetie into their program but they need a foster home for her. She is about 1 year old, from Monterey County, and was apparently run over by a tractor. One of her rear legs was hurt beyond repair so she will soon become a tripawd. She is currently with another rescue group but they are looking for a breed specific foster situation. Although GSD experience would be good, what she really needs most of all is someone with… guessed it……tripawd experience and lots of love to spare.

If you live in northern California, preferably in the greater SF Bay Area, wont you consider giving this little girl a safe haven until she finds her furever home? Please PM my Mom Martha if you are interested! We’ll keep you posted on any new developments………sure wish she could come stay with us……….

xoxox, Travis Ray


Team Tripawds Pawty at the Morris K9 Walk

Hey Everypawdy!

Team Tripawds had a great time at the Morris Walk yesterday! The weather was perfect, there was lots of goose poop (yum!), and we got to see old friends and make new ones! Bob and Emily and Spirit Cherry were there, Spirit Wrigley’s mom and siblings were there, Monty Montana (shepherd girls rule, yes they do!) was there with her pawrents, the pawtite princess (sigh!) was there, and Cemil and Maggie and sister Tani were there too! We walked in memory, and in honor of all of our Tripawd heroes, those who have gone on and those who are still fighting the good fight.

Hoppy 15 months Cemil! It was so good to see you!
the Pawtite Princess
Tripawd wanna-be Smokey B.
Luv ya Mom!
Got a little warm but Shelby brought us lots of water
Hangin' in the shade
My biggest buddy!
Look at my spotted tongue
Maggie, Tani, and their new BFF Simon
The pug grrrlz
Me 'n my best bro
Smokey was whupped when we got home
Me too!


Hey Everypawdy!!

It is my 5 month ampuversary and it seems like a really good day to announce that I have become an official member of the Oaktown Pack! I pretty much knew this was my true furever home the moment I stepped in the door but it took my FP’s all this time (sheez!) to realize it. I thought they would never come around! I have worn myself out trying to convince them these past few months……being sweet and cute 24/7 is waaaay hard! And how about that obedience stuff? It took everything I had to be on top of my game and show them how fast I could catch on. I definitely got lucky ’cause its soooooo easy to look like a good boy next to Codie Rae! I gotta score that girl a big beefy bone for making me look so good!

Mom has me signed up for beginning obedience, not that I really need it, except for being around other dogs and she says it will help us “bond”, whatever that is. And she took me to order my very own Paco collar today! The folks at the Paco Collars store loved me! And then we went shopping at another pet store and just about everybody there wanted to meet me and pet me and find out how I lost my leg. I felt like Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp or some other cute boydog movie star! Best of all Papa has started feeding me his homemade food! Dawg! That stuff is goood!

Thank you everypawdy for being so kind and supportive during these last few months. What a great group of tripups and pawrents you are. And Greta, you gave me hope in my darkest hour! You are the sweetest little sister any tripawd could have. Romeo is soooo lucky and I sure hope I get to meet you someday!

I am one happy tripawd gsd boydog! I am home at last……and it feels so good.

Here are some pix from our last trip to the mountains in February. It snoooowed! Woohoo!

Codie Rae goes nutz in the snow!
Me 'n CR
Gotta snowball?
Doesn't get any better than this!
Ima catch that!
Mom needs a better camera for those intense action shots
I'm almost as fast as Codie Rae now!
My footprints!

Four Months!

Hey Everypawdy!

Its my 4 month ampuversary today! I got to go to Mill Valley and hang out with my Tripawd friends! It was so great to see Shelby and Maggie and 4 legged Tani. Bob (Cherry’s dad) was there and we ran into Cemil on our way back to the truck. We had to leave early but it was a beautiful day and there was lots of mud and it was pawesome!

I am finally starting to really get the hang of this Tripawd thang. I am feeling stronger every day and just discovered tennis balls! Woohoo! What a great invention!

Travis Ray

ps I am still looking…….for that furever home. There has been some interest but when it comes down to it no one has been able to deal with the fact that I am a tripawd :(. If I had 4 legs they would be fighting over me, oh YES they would. I am beautiful, I am sweet, I am funny, I am smart, I learn fast, and I want to please, what more could anyone want in a young GSD boydog?

pss Photo is from December. Yesh! Snowballs in Oakland!! It was pawesome!!!

Travis Ray is brought to you by Tripawds.